What do the units need to operate?


All our units require is a standard 13 Amp household plud socket. If you are hiring a generator, a 16amp 'ceeform' socket is also fine



Will I need to provide anything for the unit?


No, our units come with everything required including toilet tissue, paper towels, soaps and hand moisturiser. Sometimes customers like to add a 'courtesy tray' with deodorants, aftershaves and perfumes etc.



How do you deliver your units?
Our units are all trailers that we deliver and collect with 4 X 4 vehicles.

What if there is a technical problem on site?
It would be foolish to suggest that anything mechanical is 100% reliable. All our units are fully tested and prepared before they leave our depot. In the unlikely event that you experience a blockage or another problem, we have a 24/7 helpline and will advise over the phone. If this doesn't rectify the problem we will get an attendant out to you immediately.

When will you deliver and collect?
We usually deliver the day before the event and collect the day after but we can be flexible to your requirements.

How long will we have the unit for?
Please bear in mind that the unit waste tanks are only suitable for a one-day event for the maximum number of people shown for that particular unit. If you're having less guests than the maximum recommended number, you could use the unit for a second and even a third day but it would be worth checking it through with us first.

Can I hire a unit in winter?
Yes, Our units are equipped with heaters and work well in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Are the male and female toilets together or are they divided?
The cubicles and wash areas are totally divided.

Can you provide a toilet attendant?
We would be happy to provide a toilet attendant for an additional charge. They can keep the unit tidy, restock the consumables and keep an eye on the 'technical bits'.

What do you mean when you say your units are environmentally friendly?
Our units are the latest recirculating units which means they use very little water. We also use environmentally friendly non-formaldehyde chemicals, Ecover cleaning fluids and we recycle paper products wherever possible


What is the minimum size enterance you require?

The unit is 22ft long, 7ft-6in wide and 10 ft tall. (When the steps are added 10ft-6in width) We ask for a minimum of 8ft. If you think your enterance is small and you have overhanging trees it maybe required to do a site visit. You also have to concider the turning circle.




Unit Layout

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